The Office Sports Guy is a blog I created in my free time, inspired by my position as just that…the office sports guy.  Want to bitch and complain about that terrible coaching decision in last night’s game? I’m your guy.  Want to get involved in an NCAA tournament pool, NFL pick’em, or fantasy football?  You guessed it – I’m your guy.

I’m a CPA in a growing regional accounting firm by day, who spends hisweeknights glued to the couch watching sports or whatever I’m addicted to on Netflix at the time.  Known for my fat ass, which unfortunately does not translate to my golf game and for having a quick-triggered, fiery Portuguese temper.  I’ve mellowed out since my days of smashing Styrofoam coolers in college, and now unwind by screaming at referees in my rec basketball league andbossing around the staff and interns in my office.  I’m a power-hungry, sports-obsessed child of a man who still keeps his freezer stocked with those dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets and recently locked down an amazing woman who loves me for these various absurdities (and not despite of).  She might regret that for the rest of her life, but that’s why I put a ring on (listened to Beyoncé on that one).

Note:  You’ll see at the top of the page a link to ‘Entry Revel’.  My buddy (TeeTime) runs that site and we’ve partnered up to bring you entertainment across all areas.  So if you like the writing style but wish I covered other stuff besides sports…Entry Revel is for you.  Check it out – it’ll link you straight to their site.

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