Houston, we have a problem

Didn’t Bob McNair’s momma teach him to stay out of other people’s business? Seriously dude, what is the matter with you?

In case you missed it, McNair – who owns the Houston Texans – decided to give the media this wonderful nugget yesterday regarding ‘Deflategate’ (and I honestly have no idea how the hell it came up, nor do I care):

“If it was J.J. Watt, I think he would have been cooperative, and it wouldn’t be a question… I don’t think J.J. would destroy his cellphone.”

I don’t fully blame McNair, because I’m sure the reporter was trolling him a bit…just trying to get a headline and it worked.  But if you’re the owner of another NFL franchise, why are you getting involved whatsoever in the absurd mess and chaos that has been the ‘Deflategate Saga’.  Just stay out of it bro, it’s not your fight.  The real result is what I like to call bulletin board material…and the Pats get to play the Texans this season, so thanks for the extra motivation Bobby boy. As if the Patriots wouldn’t be motivated enough to beat Bill O’Brien for bragging rights, they will want to drop a nice 40 or 50 burger on your squad when they meet up.  So remember that you brought this on yourself old man when Timmy Brady and Belichick cram it down your throats that Sunday.

On a slightly unrelated note – still on the Texans though – if you haven’t caught this season of Hard Knocks, you’ve missed some good stuff. That includes footage of J.J. Watt catching passes with one hand…his left hand, footage of cornerback Charles James III facing Odell Beckham Jr. in Madden 16 (who just constantly threw passes to himself…which by the way, must be SO AWESOME), and the highlight of the season so far from last nights’ episode…

Everything is bigger in Texas, even BIG VINCE (Photo Courtesy: Grantland)
Love the cowboy boots…I already miss you Vince (Photo Courtesy: Grantland)

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