Summer: The Black Hole of Sports Seasons

It’s that time of year…4th of July is just around the corner and everyone is refilling their gas tanks and loading up the charcoal for the grills.  Sam’s Summer is on tap at every bar and it’s light out until 8:45pm every night.  Yes, it’s Summertime…and as the Fresh Prince would say, time to sit back and unwind.


Unfortunately, that also means we’ve entered the dark ages of every sports season.  The NBA season is finally over (and ended just as I predicted by the way), NHL finals finished a few weeks ago, and we’re even halfway through the golf grand slam with the U.S. Open in the books.  Literally all that’s left is baseball.  For Red Sox fans, that means there is NOTHING left.  So it’s time to get the countdown started to NFL training camps and preseason games, because until then I’ve got nothing to live for.

Even Game of Thrones is over…I’m going to resist the urge to really dig into how upset I still am about that season finale….but WTF?!?!  I hope the whitewalkers kill every last one of those crow bastards.  That was my shortest GoT rant possible, so you’re welcome.

But seriously, what the hell am I supposed to watch all summer?  The Women’s World Cup?  Sorry ladies, no disrespect but that’s not going to cut it.  Until football starts up I won’t have any valid excuse to skip out on Sunday morning trips to the farmer’s market.  No excuse to graciously bow out of Monday night walks around the neighborhood. Basically, I now have nothing to get out of “busy Sundays” like this…

As you can imagine, football can’t come fast enough.  Until then, alcohol, weddings and barbeques will be my only escape (at this point they’re synonymous – all result in the same end game).  But I can’t watch the Sox all summer…please save me football season, I beg you.


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