No Roar Left in this Tiger

If there was any lingering hope that Tiger Woods could regain his form and once again compete at golf’s highest level, let’s put that to bed.  I’m not sure who was out on that course playing the Memorial this past weekend, but it sure as hell wasn’t the Tiger that I grew up watching.  Tiger Woods never had to battle just to make the cut (keep in mind this wasn’t even a major) and he definitely NEVER was the first person teeing off on Sunday morning (playing by himself by the way – which Tiger has probably had to do a lot more of since his sexcapades became public knowledge).

I’ll give Tiger some credit for at least keeping his composure out there, because I fully expected him to go Happy Gilmore and start screaming at the ball.  “Are you too good for your home ball?  ANSWER ME!!!! “ As someone who grew up watching him in his hay day and only took up golfing because of how popular he made the sport, it’s really depressing to watch what he’s become.  Don’t get me wrong, seeing him go from one bunker to the other, absolutely butchering that par 3, definitely made me feel better about MY golf game.  But people don’t tune in to watch Tiger embarrass himself.  Although at this point that might be the only option.

He’s saying all the right things publicly.  That he’s working through ANOTHER swing change and hasn’t played much golf in the past year.  Both true – but let’s be real…his career as we all know it, is over.  I think Tiger knows too…he just isn’t ready to accept it yet.  The great ones never are.  It’s rare for those in the ‘greatest-of-all-time’ conversations to ever hang them up willingly.  Usually it has to get real ugly before they call it quits, and that’s exactly where we’re at with Tiger.

Happy understands what you’re going through Tiger

Remember those days when Tiger used to intimidate all the other golfers?  When Tiger in red on Sunday actually meant something?  It’s just a distant memory now.  I don’t think guys like Fowler, Spaeth, and McIlroy even think twice about Tiger anymore.  He’s now ranked #181 in the world, and even that could be generous.  If you want to see vintage Tiger again you either need to watch some YouTube highlights or dig out your PS2 from the attic and throw in Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2008.

Maybe Lindsey dumped him because he sucks
Maybe Lindsey dumped him because he sucks

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